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Wedding/Commitment Bands

Here are a few of our artists who design wedding and commitment bands.

Jan Gordon - Custom Designer

If you have your own design ideas, Jan can help you achieve your vision.



Looking for an engagement ring to wear every day? A ring by Priolo would be an excellent choice.

Studio 311

These rings incorporate designs from many cultures and ages, gathered from items as diverse as fabric borders, book ornamentation and ancient armor.


Jerry Spaulding

Titanium, Gold, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber, and new Exotic Wood Rings.


Namu Cho

Award winning designer of jewelry using the ancient techniques of Damascus Steel and Damascene. He makes new, unique, and beautiful designs from Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Steel.


Michael Daniels

Unique rings in a variety of Mokume Gane designs and color patterns.
Mokume Gane is the ancient and difficult art of fusing layers of precious and semi-precious metals until they can be worked as one.


James Binnion

An internationally recognized master of mokume who pioneered the use of the electric kiln to laminate the metals. 


Exotic Woods
Young at Heart
Fine Art
Designs to Wear

Portland Airport Gallery
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Celebrating 30 Years

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