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Jerry Spaulding

Titanium, Gold, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber, and new Exotic Wood Rings.

The Material
Titanium is refined from rutile ores mined in the U.S., Australia, Africa, Russia and China. It weighs 45% less than steel. It has a smooth, inert oxide film, which is present at all times and renders it hypoallergenic. Its strength to weight ratio at room temperature is better than that of any other metal. It is non-magnetic and due to its light weight, strength and resistance to corrosion, it is highly favored for use in the aerospace, sports equipment and medical industries. Titanium has an especially low heat transferring ability, which is why it remains an especially comfortable temperature against the skin.

The Process
All titanium components are made from a solid piece of stock. Gold segments are substantial in thickness and are joined quite securely (by engineering standards). Custom tailoring is available.

Titanium will not break, tarnish or corrode, and should outlast any conventional jewelry metal. If scuffed, however, it may be easily retouched with a green Scotch-Bright pad which is readily available in most supermarkets. .Over finishing. will cause the gold portion to undercut eventually, so care should be taken. Stone set areas should be avoided, as the Scotch-Bright pad will abrade the facets of even very hard stones such as sapphires.

Exotic Woods
Young at Heart
Fine Art
Designs to Wear
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Celebrating 30 Years

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